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Repeater Detail for WS4VA

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System Information
Callsign: WS4VA
City: Stafford
State: VA
Country: USA
Website: http://www.ws4va.org
Gateway Registration URL: https://www.ws4va.org/Dstar.do
Gateway Enabled: YES
DSTARMonitor Enabled: YES
ARRL Listed: YES
Trust Server:
Frequency Information
2 Meters (Usually "C" Node): 145.32000MHz -0.600
70 Centimeters (Usually "B" Node): 447.27500MHz -5.000
23 Centimeters Voice (Usually "A" Node): 1282.20000MHz -12.000
23 Centimeters Digital Data 1298.40000MHz
Additional Information
The Stafford Area Radio Association (SARA) maintains several repeaters in the Stafford, Virginia area (Stafford is approximately 40 miles South of Washington DC on I-95); with our main 27 analog repeater reaching out in a 40+ mile radius. Our D-STAR repeaters are indicated above; our analog repeaters are 145.270(-), 147.375(+), and 444.450(+), all using a PL of 79.7 Hz. We usually keep our WS4VA B port linked to the National Capitol Region (NCR) reflector REF025B 24/7, so we can chat with hams on the other Washington DC area D-STAR repeaters. The NCR D-STAR Group also holds a net on Saturday mornings at 0900 hours local on reflector REF025C, which we connect to using our WS4VA C port. SARA also holds an informal D-STAR net at 1900 hours local every Thursday on our WS4VA C port, just before our 2000 hour analog net. Give us a call! 73 de K3EP

Unique Stations Heard In The Last 14 Days on WS4VA
Callsign Time Heard Reporting Node
K3RFP 03/27/17 15:51:30 UTC REF030 Dongle User DVD
N4SIG 03/27/17 13:05:27 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
WV4M 03/25/17 14:56:35 UTC REF030 C 2 Meters DVD
KK4FXM 03/25/17 14:32:11 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
N5ALX 03/25/17 10:58:13 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
KH7RC 03/23/17 23:35:13 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
KM4IUW 03/23/17 23:27:55 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
KG4UFV 03/23/17 19:26:04 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
WA4KFZ 03/23/17 01:43:21 UTC REF062 A 1.2GHz DVD
W3PPY 03/23/17 00:48:51 UTC REF007 Dongle User DVD
KF4HR 03/22/17 23:40:32 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters DVD
KA7KDA 03/22/17 23:09:28 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
KB5LNC T 03/21/17 10:25:14 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
WA3CVB 03/19/17 14:29:40 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
KK4CSJ 03/19/17 12:45:54 UTC REF001 Dongle User DVD
KE3HAY 03/19/17 02:59:11 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
N4AAA 03/19/17 01:12:49 UTC REF001 B 440 MHz DVD
K0STP 03/17/17 18:29:10 UTC REF010 C 2 Meters DVD
KI4JVE 03/17/17 15:47:11 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters
KB5LNC W 03/16/17 23:47:00 UTC WS4VA Dongle User DVD
KB5LNC 03/16/17 23:42:07 UTC WS4VA C 2 Meters DVD
KO4VET 03/15/17 00:13:10 UTC REF030 Dongle User DVD

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