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Repeater Detail for K1XC

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System Information
Callsign: K1XC
City: Orlando
State: FL
Country: USA
Website: http://www.oarc.org
Gateway Registration URL: https://k1xc.dstargateway.org
Gateway Enabled: YES
DSTARMonitor Enabled: YES
ARRL Listed: YES
Trust Server: US ROOT
Frequency Information
2 Meters (Usually "C" Node): 146.82000MHz -0.600
70 Centimeters (Usually "B" Node): 443.27500MHz +5.000
23 Centimeters Voice (Usually "A" Node): 1285.00000MHz -12.000
23 Centimeters Digital Data 1255.00000MHz
Additional Information
Located in Orlando, Florida, K1XC is sponsored by the Orlando Amateur Radio Club (OARC). OARC sponsors the second largest Hamfest in the U.S. called Hamcation and is the second weekend in February every year. K1XC is the first of two D-Star systems to be sponsored by the club. W4PLB is the 2nd located in Sanford, FL. REF037 is also supported by the OARC. For more information about OARC go to: www.oarc.org or www.hamcation.com

Current Time is 08/9/2020 20:06:16 UTC

Unique Stations Heard In The Last 14 Days on K1XC
Callsign Time Heard Reporting Node
WV1KNG 08/09/20 18:31:18 UTC K1XC B 440 MHz
N0XIA V 08/09/20 11:21:52 UTC K1XC A 1.2GHz
N0XIA 08/09/20 11:17:48 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
K3NTH 08/08/20 20:25:36 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
W1ISS 08/08/20 18:58:26 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
KO4BRD 08/06/20 02:06:18 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
KD4OLC 08/02/20 14:33:15 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
KC4UUM 08/01/20 19:17:21 UTC REF030 C 2 Meters DVD
N4HHA 07/31/20 22:04:43 UTC K1XC B 440 MHz DVD
KM4FSU 07/31/20 22:02:11 UTC K1XC B 440 MHz
KF4ZRN 07/30/20 23:17:30 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
W4MCO 07/29/20 21:00:25 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
KN4ICG 07/29/20 11:58:46 UTC K1XC C 2 Meters
G4HFG M 07/27/20 22:24:29 UTC K1XC B 440 MHz DVD

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